For my gigs and recordings I  use one of the following guitars:

  • A Fender Tele/Strat Hybryd( masterbuild by Cris Fleming);
  • Fender Telecaster( custom shop, team build) Firemist Silver ’67 or
  • Fender Startocaster American Standard ’91.
  • A 1972 Silverface Fender  Vibrolux Reverb amp, ’70’s Fender Champ amp.


Most of the time I employ a very simple effects set up. Recording and playing my music I’m using a lot of combinations and a lot of pedal boxes. Here are a few of the pedal boxes that I like to use:


  • Sola Sound Tone Bender 1968
  • Vox Tone Bender 1968
  • Fulltone Octafuzz
  • Ibanez Wau Fuzz 1974
  • SM Fuzz London
  • Zvex – Fuzz Factory
  • Ibanez OD-855 1978
  • Tube Screamer TS 808 (reissue)

Very often my preferred way to obtain a distorted sound is to turn the gain up on the amp and let  the distortion occur naturally.


  • Exotic RC Booster
  • Fulltone Supa Trem
  • Boss Delay DD7
  • Line6 DI4
  • MXR 70’s Phase
  • Frezze-Electroharmonix
  • MR. Black – Supermoon modulated reverb
  • Rotosphere- Hughes and Kettner
  • Rotovibe – Jim Dunlop
  • Cry Baby –  Jim Dunlop